“This place always feels like home.”

Sandy JohnsonSandy Johnson (bottom right) feels like she’s with family whenever she goes to Morehead Memorial Hospital. Sandy’s mother Cindy, who died in 2013, worked at Morehead for 35 years. She was Director of the Cardiopulmonary and Cardiovascular Departments. And once a month, Jane Younts, Annette White and Pam Boothe-Wilson (standing l to r), who all work at the hospital, take Sandy out to dinner.

“Because of Sandy’s health, we’ve been to Morehead Memorial Hospital numerous times, and the care has always been wonderful,” says Sandy’s father, Skip Johnson (bottom left), who worked as a police officer in Eden for 30 years before retiring. “We use to go to Winston-Salem for Sandy’s care, but Morehead Memorial Hospital is so much closer, which is vitally important for my daughter.”

“The nurses at Morehead Memorial Hospital are just amazing,” Sandy says. “They always treat me like I’m their best friend, making me laugh and joking around.”

Sandy has a fond memory of what two nurses did for her last October. “I was in the hospital just before Halloween,” she says. “I told my two nurses, Wanda and Heaven, that I just had to be home for my favorite holiday. And you know what? With their help, I was able leave the hospital just before the trick-or-treaters were out, and that evening I was handing out candy to the kids!”